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Windesheimer Kabinett blue bottle wine

2019 Windesheimer Schlosskapelle Baccuse Kabinett bottled in a blue bottle
Burg Layer

Blaufrankisch Red wine

Blaufrankish Red wine. Hungary wine made from Schloss Koblenz. A sweet red wine, easy to drink, medium weight, German red wine style
Blaufrankisch Red

Dornfelder red wine

Dornfelder red wine. The taste is close to a Burgundy but sweeter than the dornfelder red wine
Schafer Wine
Riesling Classic

Matheus Riesling wine Classic

Matheus Riesling wine Classic, A high quality riesling wine from the Mosel

Laubenheimer Trockenbeerenauslese 1/2 btls 86

Mich Schafer Laubenheimer Trockenbeerenauslese half bottle1986 Nahe wine,A very rare German wine for a desert wine to give a gift for a sweet wine lover.
Michael Schafer

Jean Juviniere Collection Sekt brut

Jean Juviniere Collection Sekt-  A quality vintage sparkling wine for the sparkling wines lover
Jean Juviniere Collection

Jean Juviniere Collection Rose Sekt

Jean Juviniere Collection Rose Sekt from 100% Pinot Noir for this eligent Sparkling wine
Jean Juviniere Collection

Auslese German wine (half bottle) 1975

Burg Layer Rotenberg 1975 wine auslese (half bottle), Michael Schafer

Burg Layer Johannesburg beerenauslese 2001

1/2 bottles size, Burg Layer Johannesburg beerenauslese. Michael Schafer - wine maker. Honey in style but it is also medium bodied.
German wine

Ice wine Burg Layer Johannesburg 1/2 bottle

Ice wine Burg Layer Johannesburg 2002 1/2 bottle. The Riesling grape was picked on Tuesday 10/12/2002.
German wine

Langenlonsheimer Beerenauslese 2003

Langenlonsheimer Weisser Burgunder Beerenauslese 2003, half bottle

German wine

Burg Layer 1937 German wine

The Burg Layer 1937 wine come from the cold cellers of Schäfer
cellers of Schäfer

Kirsch Destillerie Dwersteg 25%

Kirsch Destillerie Dwersteg 25%
Destillerie Dwersteg

Louis Anise Liqueur of 32% volume. Destillerie Dwersteg

Louis Anise Liqueur of 32% volume. Destillerie Dwersteg
Destillerie Dwersteg

Coffee Liqueur Destillerie Dwersteg

Coffee Liqueur Destillerie Dwersteg 25 % volume. 50c
Destillerie Dwersteg

Dornfelder red ice wine 1/2 bottle

SOLD OUT, A rare red wine made from ice wine, tasting aromas of sweet cherries and raspberries
Biroth GmbH & Co. KG