Burg Layer 1937 German wine

cellers of Schäfer
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The Burg Layer 1937 wine come from the cold cellers of Schäfer

A rare 1937 wine

This below is translation of little brochure. German to English

Dear Wine lover
You have a more than 80 years old wines in your cellar.
Please store this wine, if anyhow possible, in a cool room with constant temperature.
When you open the bottle, think about the age of this wine.
Think back and remember how you were 75-78 years ago, if you were born already.
Wine is lively and changes continuously, just like human being.
Enjoy the wonderful deep golden colour, the intensive elegant nose and the rich ripeness on the palate .
Maybe this wine can help to remember situations and people you came across in the past 80 years. Not the finest younger Trockenbeerenauslese could ever take you onto this memory lane so far back.
This is a great value on ist own, which is in this bottle.

According to modern wine laws this wine would have been an Auslese quality.
In 1980 we put new corks in the original old bottle, so please be careful as 1980 is also a long time ago . Please be careful when you open the bottle.
The wine is already many years old and also will not change its taste and flavours rapidly. It certainly will last for a few more years. Important is the right opportunity.
Like yourself, it will not get younger, it matures.
Be proud and happy to own such a rare tresure

At he time this grapes were harvested, it was most comment to have Riesling ad Silvaner vines mixed in one vineyard.
The writing used on the front and back of the brochure is an old German writing ( Sutterlin ), which is for most Germany now very hard to read.
My father, who died has also signed this label 1937, apart from my brother and myself.