Jean Juviniere Collection Sekt brut

Jean Juviniere Collection
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Jean Juviniere Collection Sekt-  A quality vintage sparkling wine for the sparkling wines lover

Jean Juviniere Collection Sekt brut-vintage. A refreshing, fruity, fizzy wine for the wine lover
Schloss Arras Sektkellerei produces vintage sparkling wines made exclusively from carefully selected cold-fermented base wines. These are the guarantee for a fresh, clear and effervescent Cuvee.

Tasting notes.
Trocken in style, the sekt is fresh and vibrant on its first taste and apple, pear and citrus on the aftertaste

The designation of Sekt is a quality sparkling German wine that is different from other sparkling wines such as Prosecco.

Stocked and stored in our warehouse in Derbyshire, we deliver to all of the UK.
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Jean Juviniere collection vintage sparkling wines made exclusively from selected cold fermented base wines. For a fresh, clear crisp Cuvee.