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Buy White Burgundy and Macon wines. These are probably the worlds finest white wines
Again most great White wine from Burgundy and Macon wines has always defied the usual ‘Chardonnay’ label that’s usually applied to bland supermarket whites (oaked / unoaked). It really is Chardonnay, but because of the subsoils (limestone) and microclimates only found in Burgundy it takes on a delicacy and depth not really found to the same degree elsewhere.

Domaine de Fussiacus Macon-Fuisse

Domaine De Fussiacus, Macon-Fuisse a classy Macon quality wine and a 100% Chardonnay
Domaine de Fussiacus

Domaine de Fussiacus Pouilly-Fuisse

A quality Domaine de Fussiacus Pouilly Fuisse, a very rich and powerful Maconnias
Domaine de Fussiacus

Domaine de Fussiacus Saint-Veran

Saint Veranare located in what in Burgundy is called "the golden belt of the Pouilly Fuissé vineyard"
Domaine de Fussiacus
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Chateau De Citeaux Chassagne-Montrachet

Chassagne Montrachet- Chateau de Citeaux Fine white-gold hue, both limpid and brilliant
Chateau de Citeaux
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