Barros Port wine

We stock some of the old Port wine that was established at the beginning of the century. Barros Port wine is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious Companies producing and trading Port Wine
1913 created Manoel de Almeida at the Almeida em Comandita, from Vila Nova de Gaia. Its main business was the Port Wine Trade. BARROS Port wine is famous all over the World. Most of its fame comes from the Old Tawnies from a single year

Barros 101th Anniversary Very Old Tawny

Barros is the guardian of a unique Portuguese talent. This edition of our "Collection - A Century of Portuguese Talent" brings together exceptional wines representing five decades of passion, talent and art.
Barros Port wine

Barros Colheita Port 2005

Barros Colheita 2005 Port from the house of Barros, the Port is conspicuous aromas of rich and sweet fruit on the nose with suggestions of plum and strawberry
Barros Port

1937 Port wine Colheita

A rare 1937 Port wine Colheita from the house of Barros.