Roda Rioja wine

Roda Rioja wine from Ebro River which runs though various autonomous regions from Cantabria to Valencia.
Old vines from Roda Rioja, the balanced yields that they succeed in producing cannot be bettered, since the greater depth of their roots and the larger volume of soil explored by them reduce the effects of both drought and excessive rainfall. They also have the ability to bring greater complexity to the grapes and in turn to the Rioja red wine.

Cirsion Rioja Roda Bodegas

Cirsion Rioja 2011 Roda Bodegas packed in a wooden box, the UK duty and vat is included in price

Roda Sela 2012 Rioja wine

Roda Sela 2012 Rioja wine. A different wine with the experience of Roda, the UK duty and vat is included in the price

Bodegas Roda, Rioja Reserva 2010

Bodegas Roda, Rioja Reserva 2010, vintage is the freshest of the three excellent vintages, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Bodegas Roda, Rioja Reserva 2006

Bodegas Roda, Rioja Reserva 2006, the UK duty and vat is included price

Roda 1 Rioja 2004

Roda 1 Rioja 2004, 100% Tempranillo, On the palate, the fullness of the wine comes through clearly