Magnum Champagne gift, a bottle size two bottle size

Magnum Champagne gifts, selection of Champagne large bottles, magnums is a fantastic double fun Champagne present, all the bottle are packed as gift boxes
A magnum of champagne is 1.5 litres or 2 bottle size always packed in the gift box. The keys of the giving a quality Magnum Champagne choose things that you cant find on the high street, The two bottle size will make the customs will smile, the Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut are the best sold on the magnum sized and by close the Bollinger is a Magnum Champagne, if you are looking for a mature Champagne you can choose the Bollinger Grande Annee 2007 Magnum (2 bottle size)

Moet & Chandon Brut Champagne Magnum gift


Jose Michel magnum Champagne


Bollinger Cuvee Champagne Magnum


Veuve Clicquot Champagne Yellow Label Magnum Gift

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Bollinger Grande Annee Magnum 2007


Vintage Bollinger 1999 RD Champagne gift Magnum


Ruinart Rose Champagne Magnum gift box