Vintage Whisky gifts

Vintage distilled Whisky from the years of 1961 to 1993. Vintage Whisky is a superb idea for a special Birthday gift
A range of distilled and vintage fine scotch whisky. These 30, 40 and 50 year old whiskys are a great idea for a special Birthday or Anniversary present, check out our rare range of vintage whiskies, aged and vintage whisky is ideal for that special gift. So have a wee dram to celebrate a landmark which has been distilled in the year of birth for that special occasion.

1959/1960 vintage whisky Royal Marriage 5cl

1959/1960 vintage whisky Royal Marriage, three miniatures 5cl
Gordon and MacPhail

1973 Whisky North of Scotland

A rare 1973 Whisky, North of Scotland, Excellency 50 Year Old Spirit of North Scotland
1973 Whisky North of Scotland

1978 Malt Whisky Linkwood

1978 Malt Whisky, in 1978, the distillery distilled the Linkwood 37 in wood Special Release 2016 whiskey, a Birthday gift idea,alcohol content of 50.3% vol
Linkwood Whisky

Miniatures x 6-include the 1991 vintage Whisky

Miniatures 5cl x 6-include the 1991 vintage Whisky, rare distilled whisky
Murray McDavid

Glenfarclas 1991 Sherry Cask

Glenfarclas 1991 Sherry Cask 211 Edition, a rare 30 year old whisky

1991 Whisky, Highland

A rare 1991 Island Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Mackillop's


1992 Whisky The Old Malt Cask

A rare 1992 Whisky, Highland Park from the old Malt cask

Glenfarclas 1994 Whisky Single Cask. Potstill Vienna

Glenfarclas 1994 Whisky Single Cask. Potstill Vienna, 53.3%, and 70cl bottle size

Rare whisky

Glenfarclas 15 Years Whisky gift set and two miniatures

An ideal Birthday or Anniversary whisk gift idea, Glenfarclas whisky 15 Years Whisky and two miniature whisky gift set