1964 wine Barolo

Vintage Barolo
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A rare 60 year old wine from Borgogno Figli, 1964 wine from Barolo, the bottle is packed in a wooden box

Borgogno & Figli, 1964 wine Barolo

Borgogno & Figli, Barolo is one of the oldest Barolo produced following a classic and natural

1964 Barolo has always been called “the king of wines and the wine for kings”. Both its history and its intrinsically noble characteristics have meant that it has been considered a wine for special occasions. Barolo Riserva Villadoria is an important wine, which encompasses all of the Serralunga d’Alba area’s history and the characteristic features of the special vintages in which it is made. Long years of ageing and constant attention make for a wine which it is always a unique and extraordinary experience to taste.

A rare 50 year old wine

Product name:Barolo 1964 wine
Grape variety: 100% NEBBIOLO
Growing location: Barolo - Vineyards: Liste, Cannubi, Cannubi San Lorenzo,
Fossati, San Pietro delle Viole
Vineyard position: south/south-east
Soil: calcareous and clayey marl
Alcohol content: 13.50%
Serving temperature: 18/20 °

You can upgrade the 1964 wine gift box with attachments, one foil cutter. one ring bottle, one corkscrew and one wine stopper

 Marchesi di Barolo, Barolo 1964 - These precious bottles could have some sediment settled in the bottom, for
this reason decanting the wine few minutes before the service is recommended.

Perfect pairing - We think it is wrong to recommend a “perfect” food - wine pairing, because
everyone have their personal ideas and tastes. However we can suggest with whom
it is perfect to drink this wine. With everybody

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