Bas Armagnac V.S.O.P Domaine de Papolle

Domaine de Papolle
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This a high quality brandy from the Bas Armagnac V.S.O.P Domaine de Papolle

Bas Armagnac V.S.O.P Domaine de Papolle, a blend that has been uniquely developed from Bas-Armagnac
with a minimum age of 7 years. Golden, young and very clean eau-de-vie, destined for those appreciating softness, smoothness and discreet aromas. A feminine eau-de-vie that will delight those wanting to discover Armagnac

VSOP means Very Superior Old Pale, Bas-Armagnacs are exclusively made from the distillation of wines from
the domain and have been developed and produced following the traditional methods of the ancestors. Distilled once in an alambic Armagnacais (Copper Armagnac Still), then aged in Gers oak barrels in our “chais” (storehouse) until bottling.

wine-making without any additives, except yeast
distillation with wood
natural ageing in oak barrel
natural degrees commercialised
Acl 40%
bottle size 70cl

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