Floc de Gascogne white

Floc de Gascogne white

Floc de Gascogne
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A land of good living, good food and Floc de Gascogne white, Domaine de Juglaron

Floc de Gascogne white, Domaine de Juglaron

A land of good living, good food and Floc de Gascogne!

The originality of our Floc de Gascogne has a perfect harmony between our fresh grape juice and finesse of our young Armagnacs, all home produced.

Red or white it is drunk fresh as an aperitif with friends.

Floc de Gascogne is a sweet and delightful aperitif made according to a traditional 16th century recipe: the result of a subtle marriage between 2/3
fresh grape juice and 1/3 young Armagnac, from the same estate

To cook with Flamed omelette with Floc de Gascogne
For 1 Person
3 free ranges eggs
1 knob of butter
8 cl of white Floc de Gascogne AOP
3 lovely asparagus
Salt and pepper

Break 3 eggs into a bowl
Season according to taste
Melt the butter in a pan
Pour in the beaten eggs and cook the omelette on both sides
At the same time, heat the Floc de Gascogne in a pan
Once the omelette is cooked, remove it from the pan and place on a dish
Pour the hot Floc de Gascogne over it and flambé the whole thing.
Once flambeed, decorate your omelette with a few asparagus and some grated cheese
Make sure that the extractor hood is not working before starting
Heat the Floc well in a pan before
Bring a match to the edge to flambé the omelette
The fire will go out on its own after 30 seconds
You can also do everything in the same pan
Do not take any risks and take every precaution before flambeing.
Enjoy with a coffee or tea and a glass of fresh fruit juice

Stocked stored in our warehouse in Derbyshire, we deliver to all of the UK

All prices include the VAT and duty

Bottle size 75cl

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