Chateau Saint-Robert 2015 Graves red

Chateau Saint-Robert
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Chateau Saint-Robert 2015 Graves red wine

Chateau Saint-Robert 2015 Graves

The first official traces of the estate date from 1686. It then belonged to the old family of parliamentary nobility Duroy. In 1751, to add more sparkle to his recent nobility of dress, Pierre-Joseph de Pascal bought the domain which, a few years later, returned due to inheritance, to Henri de Pressac. Then gradually abandoned, Saint-Robert successively wiped the revolutionary turmoil and the frosts of 1794 to be reborn in the 19th century and become a real renowned wine chateau, under the leadership of its owner, Mr. Poncet Deville.

Soil and basements: Sandy and clay-limestone.
Area: Red vineyard: 28 hectares White vineyard: 6 hectares
Red vineyard: 25 years
Encepagement: Red vineyard: Cabernet Sauvignon: 20% Black Merlot: 60% Cabernet franc: 20%
Harvest: Mechanical and manual
Fermentation time: 3 weeks.