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Sixty Clicks Sauvignon Blanc & Semillon 6 bottles

Sixty Clicks
6 bottle case
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Sixty Clicks Sauvignon Blanc Semillon, Victoria Australian white wine 6 bottle case.

Sixty Clicks Sauvignon Blanc-Semillon, Victoria Australian white wine

Sauvignon Blanc 70% , Semillon 30% Vegetarian Sixty Clicks is a concept. Come from mountains or oceans but
Central Victoria is a flat, featureless plain. All we have to describe the place is vines in time
and distance. Sixty clicks in a minute, an hour, frames per second in film, and sixty kms from
one side of this farm to the other.

Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon used in this blend come from vineyards in north-west Victoria, where
the weather is of Mediterranean style (long warm days during the harvest period which takes place
between January and early March for the white grapes). Grapes are machine harvested at night to
ensure the fruit is at is coolest. The grapes are crushed and then passed through to a bag press where
the fruit is gently pressed before heading off to a stainless steel tank for fermentation. Here the grapes
are fermented for 4 weeks in tank. Once the grapes are blended they get sent to the bottling facility and
await collection to land on your doorstep

Tasting notes

A belter of a wine - smashingly good and pacey. A breezy nose of squeezed lime, melons and fresh pineapple. This has a bright, tangy palate of citrus fruit and crunchy cranberry with a fine white tannic structure and tight finish.

Food Pair

The freshness of this wine screams out for the same with food - panfried garlic asparagus with salad,
pork or chicken stirfry, a cold seafood platter.