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Sixty Clicks Shiraz Mataro, Victoria Australian wine, Shiraz 70% , Mataro 30%

Sixty Clicks Shiraz Mataro 6 bottle case

Sixty Clicks Shiraz Mataro 6 bottle case, Victoria Australian wine, Shiraz 70%, Mataro 30%

The Shiraz and Mataro grapes used in this blend come from the flatter parts of the vineyard in northwest Victoria. The vineyards run from east to west, ensuring they gain the maximum sunlight to give the grapes all the development they need on the red sandy loam soils with clay subsoil. Grapes are harvested by machine at night, arriving at the winery to be crushed within the hour, pressed by bag and then moved to the fermentation tanks, where they spend 4 weeks with oak staves on their skins and pumped over four times a day. The final blending of the Shiraz and Mataro Australian wines is done under the strict supervision of the head winemaker before being transported to the bottling

Tasting notes
A really expressive, bright, contemporary Shiraz Australian red wine. The nose of soft, open, chocolatey fruit has a clove note with a palate of fresh brambly, cherry-red fruit that leads to a gently spicy finish.
Food pair
Great with a BBQ in the summer, comforting meat casseroles in the winter, or just a great all-rounder
in between.

Sixty Clicks is a concept, wines come from mountains or oceans, but Central Victoria is a flat, featureless plain. All we have to describe the place is vines in time and distance. Sixty clicks in a minute, an hour, frames per second in film, and sixty km from one side of this farm to the other.

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Bottle size 75cl