Ravoire Cotes du Rhone white - 6 bottle case

Olivier Ravoire
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Ravoire's Cotes du Rhone is reminiscent of the south of France. A delightful white wine from the heart of the valley of the Rhone

Wine-making process : The grapes are handpicked from old vines. The harvest is then de-stalked and a pre-fermentation maceration takes place before pressing that is done using a pneumatic winepress. This is followed by the wine-making process performed at low temperature. The maturing process includes dregs and takes 2 to 3 months.

Wine sensory analysis : Visual aspect: translucent yellow colour with golden hues.
Olfactory description: Enchanting nose, white flesh fruits with smoky notes.
Tasting: A white wine balanced between finesse and corpulence, full and aromatic. A prolonged finale will enchant all connoisseurs of superb white wines from the South of France.

Suggested dish and wine associations : Can be served for aperitif. Seafood dishes or chicken.

Best served at 14 °C.
Ageing: 2 to 3 years ageing potential.