Chateau Haut-Tropchaud Pomerol 2014

Chateau Haut-Tropchaud Pomerol-Michael Coudroy
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A 2012 vintage from Michael Coudroy, The Chateau Haut-Tropchaud Pomerol is matured in Bordeaux.

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This 2014 red wine is made from pure merlot grape and is aged over an 18 month period. The Chateau Haut-Tropchaud Pomerol is located between Trotanoy and Petrus, with his prestigious name but without official classification, Haut-Tropchaud has always been part of the undisputed group of the best Pomerol.
Ed Feret (Bordeaux and its wines 1929) in its classification of Pomerol wines located
Haut-Tropchaud among the first cru.

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