1944 Armagnac Brandy wine 50cl Vaghi

Bordeneuve Armagnac
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Vintage Armagnac 1944 Vaghi Baron de Sigognac, Vintage Armagnac makes a perfect gift

The tasting notes 1944 Armagnac Brandy 50cl Vaghi

Soil:Tawny sandy soils.
Grape varieties:Ugni-Blanc & Baco
Distillation : An Armagnacaise still with a one way distillation
process with an alcohol percentage
Ageing : Ageing in oak cask and date of bottling written on the back
Alcohol percentage: 40%
Tasting notes 1944 Armagnac, Lovely intense amber colour.
On the nose, toasted notes of coffee and cocoa; powerful
with plenty of structured finesse.
On the palate, we find the same qualities, with a balanced
and rich butteryness. The finale is complex and spicy