1938 Armagnac Nismes-Delclou 50cl

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A 1938 vintage Armagnac Brandy wine from Nismes-Delclou 50cl packed in a wooden box

1938 Armagnac brandy wine

The 1938 Armagnac Brandy wine from the Nismes-Delclou 50cl is a family-run farm nestled in the heart of the Armagnac region, a land known for its fauve sands. The ancestral know-how and the respect of the rules imposed by the 1938 Armagnac Appellation give this product all its letters of nobility.

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The grape variety: the farm is exclusively planted in baco, an emblematic grape variety particularly adapted to the sands and boulbènes of Bas Armagnac and which gives the brandy aromatic roundness and sweetness, especially after a long aging.The vinification : after the harvest in early October, the distillation wine is elaborated in a traditional way and 100% natural.The breeding : As soon as it is released from the still, armagnac for aging is housed in oak barrels called "pieces", with a capacity of 420 liters elaborated by a cooper artisan of the neighboring commune. The wood comes from the forests of Gascony and for the next few years from the oaks of the property.
Aging in the oak allows Armagnac to refine and enrich its perfumes as a result of complex reactions between tannic and aromatic substances and alcohol. Over the years, the alcoholic degree gradually decreases by evaporation of alcohol: it is the "share of the angels".
All the old armagnacs of the Domain are marketed to their natural degree of aging, bottled in small quantities, and waxed in the old way.