Romanico Teso la Monja 2015

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Romanico Teso la Monja here are two terrific efforts from the moderately sized appellation of Toro. These are big, flavorful, pedal-to-the-metal style of dry red wines, both made from 100% Tinto de Toro

Romanico Teso la Monja 2015, Tinta de Toro grape translate the pure minerality of the soil into powerful yet elegant red wines
Romanico Teso la Monja. The Romanico is aged six months in used French oak and the Almirez partially fermented in barrel and aged for 14 months prior to bottling.

The 2015 Romanico is the better value of the two, with fabulous, dense blackberry and cassis fruit, with licorice, camphor and forest floor. It is dense, full-bodied, opulent, and a dazzling example of a wine made from modest yields of 31 hectoliters per hectare from their younger and middle-aged vineyards. It is 100% Tinto de Toro and their largest production cuvée.
Romanico Teso la Monja 2014
The Eguren family fell in love with this land more than 15 years ago, seduced by its pre-phylloxera vines, deep roots vineyards meticulously chose to translate the minerality of the soils in powerful and elegant reds. And our love for Toro remains unchanged.
Founded in 2007 by the Eguren family, five wines are elaborated in the cellar: Romanico, Almirez, Victorino, Alabaster and Teso La Monja, the most exclusive project that takes the name of the winery. The deep roots of the old vine Tinta de Toro grape translate the pure minerality of the soil into powerful yet elegant red wines.

In this second stage of the Marcos and Miguel Eguren presence in DO Toro after Numanthia-Termes project, Teso La Monja was born with a different approach: fresher, north facing loamy soils with gravel on the surface, which offer longer vegetative cycles for achieving balanced, powerful yet elegant wines which transmit the maximum potential of soils’ minerality.
Toro’s prephiloxeric vineyards, own rooted ‘Vitis vinifera’ and autochthonous, aged up to 130 years, and old vineyards with an average age of 50 years old, form a terroir that gives birth tounique wines.
We fulfill the sustainable agriculture practices applied by our predecessors to preserve the life in the environment. We respect nature and we work according to the cycles and biorhythms of the plant. We search for the natural balance of the vineyard, with small productions between 1.000 and 2.000 kg/Ha. We are focused on achieving the purest wine which transmits terroir.

Teso La Monja is a winery of sober and beautiful architecture which links perfectly a state-of-the-art vision of the enology to elaborate wines with the experience, history and know-how passed down from father to son.
The winery is provided with five vinification systems for a very precise winemaking: close vats with piegage, conventional close vats, open tronco-conical vats, open vats with piegage and open oak vats. An example of our innovation philosophy, is our new Ovum, an egg-shaped open oak vat developed exclusively by Taransaud which helps to spur the biorhythms of the wine and achieve a silky, elegant and integrated wine.