Barolo Chinato

Francesco Scanavino
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Barolo Chinato 75cl is a special wine produced with Barolo at a controlled and guaranteed origin, flavored with cinchona bark

In Italy the consumption of Barolo Chinato was helped by the renowned medicinal wine that had been created. In the Piedmont tradition it has become the main antidote to many minor illnesses, especially colds.
FRANCESCO SCANAVINO‘s Barolo Chinato is made from
D.O.C.G. Barolo wine aromatized with cinchona bark, rhubarb
rhizome, and gentian roots, following an old recipe dating back to
the late 1800s.

The active ingredients are extracted by means of maceration at
room temperature of 21 natural aromatizing spices, including pre- cious cardamom seeds. Traditionally in Piedmont this special wine
was used as a remedy for many minor ailments, and it used to be
served hot as an invigorating mulled wine.

Today the reputation of Barolo has elevated it to being considered
one of the finest meditation wines, on a par with Port, Marsala and
liqueurlike raisin wines.

BASE WINE: 100% D.O.C.G. Barolo

COLOUR: deep ruby red, with a tendency to garnet that increases on

NOSE: spicy and penetrating.

TASTE: unique, characteristic and spicy, with body and a long aromatic

MATURING: in steel barrels
AGEING POTENTIAL: there are no fixed limits to its ageing potential,
as this is an aromatized wine with an excellent base that will keep for
many years.

FOOD PAIRINGS: makes an excellent digestive at the end of a meal,
and also goes very well with cocoa-rich chocolate thanks to its complexity.

RECOMMENDED GLASS: low Brandy glass

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