Armagnac XO Vaghi Sublime brandy

Vaghi Armagnac
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Bas Armagnac XO 75cl Vaghi Sublime brandy packed in a gift box

Free delivery for the UK. Bas Armagnac XO Vaghi Sublime brandy from the house of Baron de Sigognac from the Guasch family, whose vineyards of Ugni Blanc and Baceo are dedicated exclusively to producing Bas Armagnac
70 cl bottle Boulbène luxury case.

Grape varieties used: 100% Ugni Blanc Distillation: Armagnac type boiler and distillation in a single heating at an alcohol content of 40%.
Ageing: Alcohol content: 15 years in 40% oak barrels.
Tasting notes: Amber colour with golden yellow reflections. Fresh nose with notes of mint and lemon balm, with a pleasant scent of cocoa. Delicate and light mouth marked by subtle notes of roasted coffee.

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Vaghi Bas-Armagnac from the family-owned by the Guasch family, his Bas-Armagnac, comes from the Gascony region of France and is produced only the best crus from that area, and vines are Ugni Blanc and Bacco
Armagnac is a result of the traditional distillation of white wine made of grapes from Gers and a few villages in South West of France. The name dates back to the gallo-roman times of Arminius.

The first known distillation was in 1411, and the first commercial activity involving Armagnac was registered in 1414 in France.