1963 Armagnac Brandy Vaghi 50cl

Vaghi Armagnac
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1963 Armagnac Brandy 50cl Vaghi packed in a wooden box, this a very rare Brandy and a well aged old vintage Armagnac

1963 Armagnac brandy. A brandy of rare and exceptional quality, this old 1963 vintage Armagnac is a pleasure to taste with friends or family, to rediscover the old time and we will add a Birthday gift card, Anniversary card and many more

1963 Vaghi Armagnac brandy 50cl

Complex and elegant nose with notes of flowers, plums, raisins and rancio.
In the mouth the fruity notes compete with an abundance of grape, fig, cherry, rancio with a finish that is soft, giving way to the fragrance of vanilla and caramel. Exquisite all round