Turckheim Grand Cru Brand Gewurztraminer 6 BTL CASE

Turckheim Grand Cru Brand Gewurztraminer 6 BTL CASE

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6 bottle case Turckheim Grand Cru Brand Gewurztraminer Alsace wine, VAT and Duty are included in the price.

Turckheim Grand Cru Brand Gewurztraminer. A deliciously exotic Alsace wine. This selected vineyard 'Grand Cru' Gewurztraminer shows a lovely balance of ripeness, varietal purity and finesse (i.e. not overblown and flabby like some wine). Golden yellow in colour, it has powerfully fragrant rose-petal/water, lychee and apricot aromas with a hint of sweet spice; rich and pineapple y but with fine structure and complexity, spicy juicy fruit and acidity combine well on the medium-dry finish.
Cave de Turckheim is situated in the pretty village of Turckheim, just slightly north west of Colmar. Firmly established as one of the best co-operatives in the world Cave de Turckheim always pays the utmost respect for the wine, combining rigour, know-how and patience with the latest technology

The One-Liner
Stunning aromatic wine from one of the best vineyard sites in Alsace.
Tasting Note
Classic yet delicate fragrance of rose-petal, lychee and warm spice with rich,
powerful complex fruit yet a fine structure and balance which ensures this deliciously
exotic white retains an elegant style and finish.

Awards & Press
Gold - Gewurztraminer du Monde 2010 (2008 Vintage)
2001 Vintage: "Stunning wine showing breathtaking rosewater, lychee and saffron perfume. The palate is
round and unctuous yet the lush fruit is held in check by fine acidity. The finish is long with admirable harmony
and complexity." IWC 2005 - Judges comment:
2001 Vintage: "This spicy, intense but elegant white, with its rose petal and lychee notes, its a deliciously
exotic wine." Tim Atkin. The Observer, 27th November 2005
2001 Vintage: "Scented, fruity, lychee, pronounced citrus, grapefruit twang. Dry, flavoursome, good quality ... A
dry minerally style with lychees and some spice" 86 Points. Wine Magazine -Global Gewurztraminer tasting,
April 2002