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Wine gifts Rhone Celebration 2 bottles. Quality wine. The gift is packed in the card board box ( as pictured ) and you can upgrade to wooden gift box or a chess box and the wine may be mixed. Best sold

Send wine gift Rhone Celebration - Rhone Wine gifts

This amazing send a wine gifts is from the house Domain Olivier Ravoire . These wines are no every day drinking wine but are wines with good structure and well defined fruit characters  from Ravoire & files. If you give this gift you can know you are a connoisseur and you can mix from the red and white wine and you can pick the packaging, a colourful gift pack or a wooden box. Gifts for birthday, Weddings, Anniversary and Birthday wine gift ideas and you can add the free cards. You can mix the wine i.e 2 red, 2 white or 1 red 1 white

These wines have been created to accompany your gourmet experiences, a delightful tasting experience, authentic wines offering true conviviality and instant enjoyment. Discover the gourmet savour of a Cotes du Rhone

The Red wine
Untamed winds, sunny vineyards, a land where many soils combine to yield this fruit of the land of fruits...

Harmoniously prepared associating Grenache and Syrah, this wine offers full and smooth aromas.

Wine-making process : The grapes are picked with great care at the peak of their maturity. The harvest is de-stalked, treaded, before undergoing a fermentation process at controlled temperature. Extraction is gentle and constant using traditional methods. The fermentation also takes place at a controlled temperature over a period of 15 days.

Wine sensory analysis : Visual aspect: ruby colour with garnet hues.
Olfactory description: wine with a pleasant spicy nose, well balanced with aromas of red fruit.
Tasting: ample and smooth.

Suggested dish and wine associations : As an accompaniment to cuisine with rich flavours, roast beef in mustard sauce or roast pork in sage, or simply a goat's cheese.

Best served between 16°C and 18°C.
Ageing: 3 to 5 years ageing potential.

The white wine

A moment of pleasure, when words become few, when even the cicadas become quiet. It is reminiscent of the south of France '

Wine-making process : The grapes are handpicked from old vines. The harvest is then de-stalked and a pre-fermentation maceration takes place before pressing that is done using a pneumatic winepress. This is followed by the wine-making process performed at low temperature. The maturing process includes dregs and takes 2 to 3 months.

Wine sensory analysis : Visual aspect: translucent yellow colour with golden hues.
Olfactory description: Enchanting nose, white flesh fruits with smoky notes.
Tasting: A white wine balanced between finesse and corpulence, full and aromatic. A prolonged finale will enchant all connoisseurs of superb white wines from the South of France.

Suggested dish and wine associations : Can be served for aperitif. Seafood dishes or chicken.

Best served at 14 °C.
Ageing: 2 to 3 years ageing potential..

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Bottle size 75cl



Winedancer wine gifts

The wine are 75cl bottle size

All gift boxes are recyclable

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