Sherry Pedro Ximenez Hidalgo

Sherry Pedro Ximenez Hidalgo

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Sherry Pedro Ximenez Triana, a sweet dessert style rich and full, ideal to drink with dark chocolate

Sherry Pedro Ximenez. If I am not drinking Port wine I drink this bonfire toffee sticky firework sherry. Sherry Pedro Ximenez is a single grape variety but it is very complex wine. Even Mr Guy Fawkes was less complexed on the 5th of November
Sherry Pedro Ximenez Hidalgo

In the second half of s. XIX the Hidalgo family begins the winemaking activity screeds based on wine and vineyards of his property.

La Bodega is established from its origins in the old town of Jerez de la Frontera; classical buildings built with thick walls, large windows and high ceilings with old beams tile, are ideal for aging and aging wine.

In the early twentieth century D. Emilio Hidalgo e Hidalgo already has a sound business, House in London and presence in many countries.

From 1970 and unincorporated, it develops an important export activity in the markets of England, Holland, Germany and Austria, as well as in the US, Japan, Denmark, Italy, France and Belgium.

Currently extraordinary founding batches of wine and brandy have been continued, fueled and enriched being the fifth generation of the founding family that is dedicated to winemaking work remain.

Sherries before we probably find the product with designation of origin it has more historical references behind him.

It is known that the Phoenicians arrived in the Iberian Peninsula three thousand years ago, they founded Cadiz 'Gades' very close 'Xera' current Jerez; and surely they were or maybe the Greeks who arrived later who introduced the cultivation of the vine. The Arabs continued to grow through the history of the place and so the vines were rooted in our culture and enriched flourish to this day.

Introducing us properly in sherry, we must make mention of the circumstances that originally determined this universal product: its production area, climate and finally the vine. These factors combined to good work bodeguero culminate with the development of this wine .: SHERRY WINE

The production area is comprised of a triangle bounded by three cities: Jerez, El Puerto de Sana Maria and Sanlucar de Barrameda. In this region dominated by a white land rich in calcium carbonate called here 'Albariza'. Earth light, easy for tilling and very adaptable to vinifera varieties when the rains is sponge with the arrival of summer heat closed retaining water during drought nourish the vine.

The sunny and warm climate favors the development of the vine, with winter rains and a wet Atlantic marine influence that brings freshness in the drier months.

Finally the vine; with varieties: PALOMINO (no doubt the predominant), Pedro Ximenez and Moscatel. These varieties of grafts easily grab on hybrid rootstocks from American phylloxera-resistant strains and in turn give lasting and productive strains.

With the arrival of September, and after a whole stage of care and work in the vineyard, grape acquires the required level of maturity and proceeds to its collection. The collection, the grapes are transferred to the presses for pressing to give the 'must'. This after a first rapid and tumultuous fermentation, will musts-dry wines that have been a sign that the fermentation came to an end. From January to March we proceed to the classification in which according to the peculiarities and characteristics, aroma, flavor, color etc, the new wine destination contained in each vessel is marked.

After this period of 'sobretablas' during which the wine has been starting in his career. The process of maturing and aging is completed over the years and the genuine criaderas and solera of own-XERES JEREZ-SHERRY area, which will give it its qualities to acquiring its distinct personality.

Different sherries

So in Jerez we can distinguish different varieties of wine:

Fino and manzanilla: From alcohol content between 15% - 16.5% Vol subjected to biological aging by the appearance of the veil of flower on the wine surface formed by yeast are what give it its pale color, fineness and aroma .

The Amontillados: Wines of great personality in which two stages of parenting, their biological ancestry Thinner almond aromas and accentuating their oxidative distinguished bouquet.

Odorous: Considered by many the quintessential sherry wines are full -bodied, toasty aromas and noble woods result of its long aging.

Faced with these wines from Palomino grape variety there are two varieties from Pedro Ximenez and Moscatel. Both very sweet being due its high concentration of sugar sun exposure before pressing (soleus) and incomplete fermentation. They are dark in color and aroma of raisined fruit.
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