Taylors Century 100 Port wine, 100 years old

Taylors Century 100 Port wine, 100 years old

Taylors Port
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Century 100-year-old port wine 4 bottles of 1/2 bottles. This Port gift box. 1/2 bottle of 10-year-old, 20-year-old, 30 year old and 40-year-old Taylor port wine.

Century 100 year old port wine 4 bottles of 1/2 bottles. This Port gift box has 1/2 bottles of 10 year old, 20 year old, 30 year old and 40 year old Taylor port wine.

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A Port wine present 4 1/2 bottle of Tawny Port wine Taylor’s Tawny is drawn from wines selected for their softness and casual style. These are aged up to three years in oak casks in Taylor’s cellar mfrom Vila Nova de Gaia. The single wines are then cuvved  a few months before bottling for balance and completeness.

Bottled when ready to drink and does not require any further ageing in the bottle.
1 half bottle of 10-year-old Tawny Port wine, 10 Year Old Tawny Port. This style of Port is fully ready in oak casks, each holding approx  630 litres of wine. Here, over 10 years of ageing, the wine gradually takes on its characteristic ‘tawny’ colour, mellow taste and smooth, luscious palate, which are the hallmarks of Tawny Port. Taylor’s blends its magnificent 10-year-old Tawny from its extensive reserves of old cask-aged Ports matured in the firm’s cold and tranquil cellars (known as ‘lodges’) in Oporto on Portugal’s Atlantic coast.

1 half bottle of 20-year-old Tawny Port wine Taylor’s is one of the most well-respected growers of tawny Port wines. These Port wines are bottled when ready to drink and do not require further ageing. 1 half bottle of 30-year-old Tawny Port wine

1 half bottle of 40-year-old Tawny Port wine Made entirely from the grapes grown on Taylor’s own properties, Taylor’s is one of the few remaining houses which still produces a

40-Year-Old-Aged Tawny Port. Tiny quantities of this wine are made. Decades of evaporation and ageing in wood have concentrated this wine almost to a bower, producing intense and complex nutty aromas and a deep and full palate full of rich, mellow flavour.

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