Calvados apple brandy

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Calvados apple brandy Charles de Granville. This is one of the best Calvados I have tasted. Pale yellow colour Fine and fresh nose with aromas of caramel

Calvados apple brandy. Made from apples and pears grown in the areas of Normandy

 Calvados apple brandy. Full of fruit and vanilla. Fine and elegant in the mouth with a beautiful fruity finish. If this is a special gift you can pick the delivery date after you checkout.

The History, Legend would have it that Charles, a young orphan recruited as a privateer in Saint Malo during the reign of Louis XIV, was tasked with feeding the crew. He loaded a brew of his own invention on board; a distillate of apple juice purported to help keep scurvy at bay. He decided to store this brew in oak barrels on board and it is that action which gave life to the precursor of the Calvados we know today. Many years later, following on honourable discharge for wounds sustained in service and having gained the favour of the king for his military prowess, Charles received the title, Charles de Granville. Rightly proud of his new status, Charles set himself up in his city of Granville and devoted the rest of his long existance to perfecting and producing what would eventually come to be known as: Le Calvados Charles de Granville

Calvados apple brandy Charles de Granville

Calvados is from the appellation contrôlée of the region of Normandy

Made from apples and pears grown in the areas of Normandy

Calvados is distilled from cider made from locally grown and apples and pears
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