Vintage Bordeaux Wine 1996 to 1999

Vintage Bordeaux Wine 1996 to 1999. For a Wine Collector
Vintage Bordeaux Wine 1996 to 1999, Fine Older Bordeaux wines from the vintage 1996 to 1999

Chateau Le Crock 1996

Chateau Le Crock 1996, Saint-Estephe, a rare 1996 old red wine
Chateau Le Crock

Château Tayac Margaux 1998

A rare muture quality wine from Château Tayac Margaux 1998
Château Tayac Margaux

Chateau dYquem 1999, 1/2 BOTTLE

The pleasure derived from tasting Yquem 1999 is difficult to describe. It offers a myriad of well-balanced, complex flavours that generate even more harmonies over time.

Chateau de Villegeorge 1999

A rare mature quality red wine Chateau de Villegeorge the vintage wine from 1999
Chateau de Villegeorge