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A small range of quality Gin, Vodka and Rum

Nikka Coffey Vodka

A Japanese Vodka from One of the Worlds most Renounded Japanese distillers - Masataka Taketsuru and Nikka Coffey
Nikka Coffey

Osmoz Classic Gin

This gin is traditional and subtle. Made from grapes like the very first spirits with juniper berry, this gin is perfectly in line with the family tradition. The juniper taste is predominant whilst still being supported by a pleasant aromatic sweetness combining freshness and complexity and can be enjoyed on the rocks or diluted.


Osmoz Gin

Osmoz Citrus gin

Osmoz citrus is a carefully thought creation. Unveiled by Elodie Vallet and made from grapes like the very first spirits with juniper berry, this gin ensures continuity of the Eaux-de-vie developed by the family. This gin is a beautiful, complex and harmonious composition with 46 % alcohol by volume which makes it perfect for cocktails like Gin Fizz or Gin fizz tonic
Osmoz Gin

Jean Juviniere Sloe Gin

Tasting notes : strong gin based dry liquor with hints of berries and fruit. This Sloe gin is perfect for spring and summer weather.

Bleu D'Argent London Dry Gin

"The Gentleman's Gin"

Alcohol Volume = 40%

Tasting notes = Strong alcoholic taste with hints of berries and Corriander.


Bleu D'Argent