Eguren family Rioja Wine

The Eguren family, generation after generation since 1870, have been dedicated to vine cultivation and to the elaboration and ageing of great wines in one of the most prestigious states in Rioja

The Eguren family
This mountain range has given the name to the winery and protects the vineyard from the cold winds from the north, creating a specific microclimate for the cultivation of the vines and therefore providing a differentiated personality to our wines.
The Soil

A smooth and wavy relief characterizes the landscape. It is poor in organic matter, nutrients and mineral salts.   This is very appropriate for grape growing.

The ground composition is franc - clay, with a high proportion of limestone.   The abundance of pebbles, remains of alluvium and gravel, provides drainage and water retention.   The subsoil consists of cracked rock which helps the vine's roots search for water, favouring the balance of the fruits diverse components.


Our vineyards are situated in a privileged area in the heart of the Rioja, between the Sierra Cantabria Mountain range (1200m of altitude) that protects the vines from the cold northerly winds and the River Ebro (350m)

These factors determine a zonal microclimate of Atlantic characteristics with touches of Continental, distinguished by wind regime and the orientation of the vines, with mild winters and smooth summers, ideal for grape growing.

On the other hand, the summer thermal jump (high temperatures although non excessive during the day and crisp nocturnal temperatures) provides and increases the level of polifenoles, a factor associated with excellent quality wines.