1981 Port wine Kopke Colheita

Kopke Colheita
Rare Port
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A rare 40 year old Port wine from 1981 Port wine Kopke Colheita, a ideal 40th Birthday gift idea

1981 Port wine Kopke Colheita, a ideal 40th Birthday gift idea

Every wine tells a story. Kopke's Colheitas, however, tell a unique story. To taste a wine is to
taste history and, in the case of this 1981 Port wine Colheita, it means remembering a remarkable event
like the first flight of a space shuttle, the Columbia.
Hand-picked at the optimum time, the grapes are then destemmed, crushed and converted
into wine through a process of careful maceration to extract their colour, tannins and aromas, enhanced by constant churning during fermentation. This takes place in vats (lagares)
at a controlled temperature (between 28-30°C) until the right degree of sweetness (baumé)
is achieved. At this point, grape brandy is added to create the final fortified wine. A wine of
high quality, made from one single harvest. A Colheita wine matures in oak barrels for periods
of time that can vary, but never less than 7 years. It is then bottled and sold according to the
demands of the market.
A vibrant amber colour for this 1981 Port wine. Complex and fragrant nose, with the aromas of dried fruit well combined with the exuberance of notes of spice. Massively concentrated, powerful, rich and with
incredible depth. A wine with great character, with a delicious and prolonged finish.
Served chilled, it reveals all its finesse and sophistication, especially when drunk with desserts
made with caramel, dried fruit and spice, such as caramel fondant with apple and ginger jelly,
tarte tatin, crème brulée and medium-strength cheeses. Best served at a temperature between
12 and 14°C.

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