Glen Grant 1981, 2 Litre

Glen Grant
Large Bottle
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A large bottle of Glen Grant 1981, 2 Litre, A ideal large bottle of a 1981 Whisky

This 2 litre bottle of 1981 Whisky is a idea for a party or you can driky this over may years

This is a 40 year old malt whisky from the 1981 vintage whisky

A ideal 40th Birthday gift idea

This a great Birthday gift idea, buying a 1981 vintage Whisky wine from the same year to celebrate the year of their birth, just imagine at the dinner party with the last course you can enjoy an 1981 vintage whisky. You can discuss the attributes of the malt whisky and the history of what happened during this year with your friends and relatives.

Size - 75l

Vintage - 1981

Aged in wood - 5 years

Vol - 40%

From - Speyside

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