Personalised 1961 Taylors Port wine Single Harvest

Taylor Port
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A rare 1961 wine Single Harvest from Taylors Port wine, We can personalise the wooden box, a ideal for a 60th Birthday or anniversary gift, a 60 year old wine

1961 Taylors Port wine Single Harvest, a rare 1961 wine Port

1961 wine Taylors Port Single Harvest, a 60th Birthday or anniversary gift idea

You can add the Name and the date and print this on the Taylor's wooden box (just ignore this if you do not want this service)

You can buy a 1961 wine stopper sixpence

1961 is the year chosen by Taylor’s Port wine to launch as its most recent Single Harvest, which over 60 years, with the mastery of Taylor’s blenders, was continually refined and has now reached a superb elegance, an exquisite taste and an endless finish in the mouth.

“We have the enormous privilege of holding within our cellars true gems with an extraordinary capacity to age, which develop great complexity and delicacy.” Adrian Bridge, Managing Director of Taylor’s.

“1961 wine was another challenging year in the Douro, which produced an extraordinary Port Wine which, through the art of ageing, has been shaped by the blender, and has reached a magical complexity and elegance. This is a sublime example.” David Guimaraens, Head Winemaker of Taylor’s.

These extraordinary wines age gently in the cool, quiet Taylor’s Cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia where the conditions are ideal for the wines to slowly develop the rich and complex aromas, characteristics of very old Port Wines. A very small quantity of this unparalleled wine was bottled and is now launched as an exclusive Limited Edition. 3,000 bottles were produced which are available in specialist retailers from December

Tasting Notes

Core of walnut brown surrounded by a broad rim of pale gold with olive highlights. Powerful nose of extraordinary complexity and opulence, revealing multiple nuances and dimensions of aroma. First to emerge is a mellow redolence of molasses, dried fig and sultana, mingling with nutty marzipan aromas. As the wine opens up, scents of cedarwood and dried tobacco leaf appear, together with subtle spicy notes of black pepper and cardamom and a fleeting fresh hint of citrus.

All this is enveloped in an powerful aura of oaky vanilla aroma, the legacy of decades of ageing in cask. In the mouth the wine is dense, round and concentrated, with a thick velvety texture, quite rich and sweet on the mid palate but then lifted by a burst of fresh acidity on the finish, which is
crammed with lingering flavours of butterscotch, almond, orange marmalade and dried fruit. A beautifully balanced wine, still clean and fresh in spite of its many years of maturing in wood.

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The bottle should be kept upright, protected from direct sun light and at a cool and constant temperature.

The wine benefits from being served slightly chilled, between 12ºC to 16ºC.

Taylor’s 1961 Port wine Single Harvest is an excellent accompaniment to many desserts. It combines well with flavours of figs, almonds and caramel. It is an excellent complement for a crème brûlée or a plate of wild strawberries. It may also be appreciated on its own, at the end of the meal, with walnuts or dried fruit.

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