1982 Wine Rivesaltes, Riveyrac

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A quality vintage 1982 wine from the Rivesaltes area in the south of France.The wine will carry high alcoholic level at 17% so the wine will last longer for a 40 year old wine, the wine is packed in a wooden box

1982 Wine Rivesaltes, Riveyrac, a forty year old wine

A quality 1982 vintage wine from the Rivesaltes area in the south of France, a ideal 40th Birthday gift idea for a 1982 wine lover

You can upgrade the 1982 wine gift box with attachments, one ring bottle, one corkscrew and one wine stopper

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The 1952 wine from Rivesaltes Riveyrac  a wine produced from the Grenache grape variety. On  Rivesaltes appellation, it is a Languedoc-Roussillon wine with exceptional flavor with alcohol content estimated at 17%. The vintage 1952 Rivesaltes Sainte Barbe testament to the rich collection of the Chateau. The field of St. Barbara is located in the Languedoc-Roussillon, specifically in the town of Vire. The exploitation of the property dates back to the seventeenth century, but the production of fortified wines dates from the mid-nineteenth century. The Rivesaltes Chateau are among the best in their class.