Seagrams Crown Royal 1961 Canadian Whisky

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A rare Seagrams Crown Royal 1961 Canadian Whisky, a 60 year old Whisky

Seagrams Crown Royal 1961 Canadian Whisky, the tax stamp dates the youngest vintage in the blend to 1961 vintage

Bottle size 70cl
Distillery, Waterloo
Vintage, 1961
Region, Ontario Canada

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The house of seagram is proud to present crown royal, a regal blend of treasured whiskies of ancient lineage. Born of skill and mellowed by the passage of time - the identical superb whiskey long cherished by Canadians and visitors to Canada - each imparting a rare characteristic to enrich this royal offering.
All the resources of the great house of seagram have been employed to master blenders to create this superb whiskey of priceless perfection

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