1970 wine Armagnac Brandy wine (50cl)

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Armagnac 1970 wine brandy Vaghi (50cl), a 50 year old brandy for a 1970 Armagnac, ideal 50th Birthday gift idea

1970 Armagnac brandy wine Vaghi (50cl), a 50th Birthday gift ideas

You can upgrade this 1970 wine gift box, with a leather PU wine box with a corkscrew, wine pourer, wine cutter and wine ring and you can order a 1970 fivepence wine stopper The 1970 wine Armagnac is today, 50 year old wine brandy symbol of elegance and the art of entertaining, for the 1970 wine vintage Armagnac Brandy give their generous subtlety and symphony of unique aromas, for rare moments of absolute sensuality and perfect pleasure. Harmonious bottles sealed by hand underline this refined moment of relaxation, signed for the vintage 1970 Vaghi

Presentation 50cl Eluzate bottle Tawny sandy soils.

  Grape varieties:Ugni-Blanc Baco Distillation : An Armagnacaise still with a one way distillation
process with an alcohol percentage of 40 %.

Ageing : Ageing in oak cask and date of bottling written on the back label Alcohol percentage: 40%

Tasting notes 1970 Armagnac

Lovely amber colour notes of mandarines on the nose, with hints of rancio and spices. On the palate, it opens on candied red fruits, rich and melting with a superb finale of prunes and gentle spicing.

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