Quinta Oporto 1970 Vintage Port wine

Royal Porto
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A rare 1970 wine port from Royal Oporto "Quinta Das Carvalhas" Vintage Port wine, this 50 year old wine is ideal for a Birthday gift, the Port wine is packed in a wooden box

Quinta das Carvalhas 1970 Port wine from Royal Oporto is the most emblematic and spectacular property in the Douro Valley. Written references regarding this magnificent vineyard can be traced back to 1759. Enjoying a prominent position on the left bank of the Douro river, in Pinhão, the estate covers the entire hillside facing the Douro river and occupies part of the slopes of the right bank of the tributary Torto river.

Quinta das Carvalhas rich and characterful 1970 Port from a spectacular and neatly terraced mountain valley where the vine culture has been present over centuries. The Vintage Port is produced from a selected parcel of Quinta das Carvalhas’ Old Vines.

Vintage Ports represent the quintessence of the 1970 wines produced at Quinta das Carvalhas. Produced from selected parcels of Old Vines, these wines of imense power and quality are known for the enormous aromatic complexity, richness in tanins and excelent acidity, which garantees the great potential to age in bottle.

Vintage Ports are only produced in exceptional years and represent only a small portion of the harvest. Their opulent organoleptic characteristics correspond to unusually excellent wines of a kind that are most probably achieved only three years in every decade.

You can upgrade to the box with with a leather PU wine box with a corkscrew, wine pourer, wine cutter and wine ring

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