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1970 Whiskey Seagrams Canadian Whisky is ideal for gifting, or for vintage 1970 Whisky lovers

1970 Whiskey Seagram's Canadian Whisky

Seagram's Very Old is a popular Canadian whiskey, matured for 6 years.

The tax seal states this youngest whisky in this batch is from 1970.

Seagram's were one of the "big 4" American whisky companies who dominated the post-Prohibition market, alongside National Distillers, Schenley and Hiram Walker. They operated up until an ill-judged foray into the entertainment industry lead to their dissolution in the early 2000s.

The site of Seagram's Waterloo distillery, where this was produced, was shut down and converted into the Seagram Museum in 1984.

The Seagram's VO brand was sold to the Sazerac company by Diageo in 2018.

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