Aberfeldy 1980 Dun Eideann

Aberfeldy 1980 Whisky Dun Eideann

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Aberfeldy 1980 Whisky Dun Eideann is ideal for gifting, as well as special occasions, or 1980 vintage whisky lovers. ideal for a 40th Birthday gift for a 40 year old whisky

Aberfeldy 1980 Whisky Dun Eideann

A 1980 vintage bottling of Aberfeldy single malt, bottled in 1996. a 40 year old whisky

Dun Eideann is an independent whisky label produced by Andrew Symington of Signatory Vintage. It was devised as a means to allow him to sell whisky in different markets using competing distributors. For example, the French distributor for Signatory Vintage was La Maison du Whisky, while Dun Eideann was imported by Auxil. Similarly, in Italy the two brands were distributed by Velier and Donato, respectively. There are over 250 bottlings under the Dun Eideann banner, which is the Scots Gaelic term for ‘Edinburgh.’

Bottle number 580 of 1680  produced from casks #561 & #562.

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