1970 wine Rivesaltes Riveyrac

Rivesaltes Riveyrac
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A rare 50 year old wine from 1970 wine Rivesaltes Riveyrac, a ideal Birthday gift idea, the gift is packet in a wooden box

The wine will carry high alcoholic level at 17% so the wine will last for well over 50 years,

Tasting notes 1970 wine Rivesaltes Riveyrac

The 1970 wine Rivesaltes has a much darker colour than those from the early eighties – the nose offering wax resin, orange pith and a hint of petrol, like a very old German Riesling in some ways. The palate is very well balanced with a fine thread of acidity that counters the dried honey, mandarin and quince notes. This is one Rivesaltes where I was hoping for a little more viscosity on the finish, but I appreciate the bitter orange peel, eau-de-vie tinged aftertaste. Tasted with Philippe Gayral. 2018 - 2030

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