1979 wine Grand Cru Chateau Beychevelle

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A rare 1979 wine from Chateau Beychevelle, a ideal vintage 40th Birthday gift. the wine is packed in a wooden gift box

This vintage 1979 wine from the heart of the Medoc, the 40 year old wine Chateau Beychevelle.

Beychevelle have always ruled their land nobly and brought glory to the château.
Ever since its construction in 1565 by Bishop François of Foix-Candale, the reign of the Dukes of Epernon (of which the great admiral, Jean-Louis Nogaret de la Valette was the first), its rebuilding in 1757 by the Marquis de Brassier and subsequent enlargement by the Heine family, followed by the Achille-Fould family until 1986, the château has never ceased to amaze visitors, both in terms of its vineyard and the exceptional setting.

Beychevelle has always been a home to the arts. A committed patron, the Duke of Epernon invited Molière and his troupe of actors to perform at the château.
Subsequent owners of Beychevelle continued to encourage artistic creation, embellishing the château’s architecture, and adding further paintings, furniture, sculptures, and features to the gardens.
Beychevelle gradually came to be known as the Versailles of Bordeaux, and the château developed a special relationship with the Baroque Music Centre in Versailles.

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