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This Royal Oporto 1970 Port wine is a product of Portugal and is recommened for both gifting and personal use, for anyone who enjoys port wine.

1970 Port wine from Royal Porto is the international brand of Real Companhia Velha and originated from the symbolic translation of Real Companhia Velha into English. The history goes back to the days when the English Merchants referred to our company as Royal Oporto Wine Company by association with the Alvará Regio of its institution, for its origin in the City of Porto and finally for the ease of pronunciation and interpretation. 
The Royal Oporto brand markets unique 1970 wine from Portos do Portos, produced from the best vineyards of the Company's Quintas, focusing mainly on aged Tawnies, which have always been consistently blended by several generations of Cave of Real Companhia Velha. We consider some of these Porto Wines as one of the company's most valuable treasures.
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