1959 wine Solaria Jonica, Antonio Ferrari 50cl

Antonio Ferrari
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A rare 1959 wine Solaria Jonica, Antonio Ferrari.Wine Advocate rating 97, a ideal 60th birthday gift idea, packed in a wine box with a corkscrew, wine pourer, wine cutter and wine ring

1959 wine Solaria Jonica, Antonio Ferrari, a 60 year old wine

A rare 1959 wine Solaria Jonica, Antonio Ferrari, on of the best I tasted 1959 red wine

The Wine Advocate rating 97

The 1959 wine. Just released, no one seems to know whether the fermentation was stopped by fortifying the wine or if it just stopped on its own as a result of the superlative richness of the must, but the fact remains that, with close to 14% of alcohol, it is as sweet as a great Recioto, a 1959 wine which it greatly resembles. Still an amazingly fresh ruby colour, it features a decadent nose of blackberry jam, raisins, chocolate, and licorice, a texture of sheer satin, great warmth and roundness, a sweetness which never becomes cloying, precise and focused flavour, and a finish as long as the fade-out to “Hey Jude”. The producer is negotiating with an importer for this and other wines, but it is presently available at Piero Selvaggio’s Valentino restaurant in Santa Monica and at Alain Ducasse’s Louis XV restaurant in Monte Carlo, for those willing to fling a few shekels around.

Solaria Jonica 1959" is a wine made from Primitivo grapes grown in the area of ​​Torricella in the ancient possessions of Barone Bardoscia.

"Solaria Jonica 1959" is an extraordinary wine; it is the testimony of an ancient enological potential that was thought to have disappeared: the sun, the sapling, the alcohol and the time, wisely measured, made this wine acquire an explosive power over our senses. All those who are in the frantic search for a wine to pair with chocolate suspend research: for them there is the "Solaria Jonica 1959". It is suggested to taste it at 12-14 degrees. Winner of three gold medals at the County Fair in Los Angeles 2002 and a special mention.

Year of production: 1959    
Alcohol content: 13.72% vol.

Sensations: This cream of ancient wine has powerful extracts. His contact is really dense ... innervated by vibrating notes. Call back some very dense Malaga. Exceptional in concentration, very sweet to the taste, has a well-developed taste.

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