Maldito By Vicentin

Maldito Vicentin
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An ancient legend tells that an archangel, once being on Earth tasted a glass of wine. Every time he drank this nectar he felt in the stars and the wine was touched by a magical power. Vicentin was inspired by this legend to dream

Production: Alcoholic fermentación in 5.000 litres stainless steel tanks, between 3-4 days cold soak at 8-10 Celsius, maceration between 25-27 Celsius and malolactic fermentation in French oak barrels.

Maldito Malbec is a blend of 3 different vintages: 2012 vintage spent 36 months in oak barrels, 2013 vintage 24 months and 2014 12 months in oak barrels, and the wine was blended before bottling.

Maceration: 45 days.

Pressing: Soft hydraulics press (basket/cage).

Tasting notes: Intense red colour, presenting purple flashes. Violets, Lilas and blackberries aromas with a rich sweet smooth mouthfeel, elegant and structured fine tannins full body, long and persistence invites always a second glass to fully enjoy a complex and original Malbec from the Andes.

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