Osmoz Citrus gin

Osmoz Gin
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Osmoz citrus made by Elodie Vallet, Alchol Volume -46%

Osmoz citrus is a carefully thought creation. Unveiled by Elodie Vallet and made from grapes like the very first spirits with juniper berry, this gin ensures continuity of the Eaux-de-vie developed by the family. This gin is a beautiful, complex and harmonious composition with 46 % alcohol by volume which makes it perfect for cocktails like Gin Fizz or Gin fizz tonic

he bouquet of Osmos citrus is more accessible with fresh notes of juniper completed by citrus (orange and lemon.) The balsamic and resinous notes are fading away to the benefit of subtle aromas of liquorice and fruits (apple and apricot.)

It opens on fresher herbal notes of cucumber and coriander citrus notes. The end note is fresh and spicy, finishing on a subtle note of cloves and saffron.

In the mouth, the attack is very floral and very rich in juniper notes as well as supple and fat. The aromatic notes evolve towards aromas of nuts (almonds). The well represented orange gives some fresh bitterness.

The aromatic aromas evolve toward bitter blood oranges. The finish is very pleasant, very fresh and above all, very long.

Alchol Volume - 46%

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Bottle size 75cl