1979 Wine - Kopke Colheita Port Wine

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Limited rare 1979 Kopke Colheita Port Wine, ideal for a 40th Birthday or Anniversary gift. Packed in wooden gift box.

1979 Wine - Kopke Colheita Port Wine, rare 40 year old port wine.

This 1979 Port wine in specific is both classical and elegant.
This port wine should be stored in a cool, dry, dark space remain preserved.
The 1979 wine ;Kopke Port is a Colheita, meaning is it fermented over a 7 year period in wooden barrels,
and is only bottled before being sold. This makes the wine much more converted and exclusive. It also enhances the taste and seperates the Port wine from any other.
Due to the Kopke Port Wine being harvested in 1979 wine, it is a perfect gift for a 40th Birthday gift or Anniversary.

You can upgrade to the box with attachments and 1979 penny wine stopper

Kopke Port wine is celebrated world wide for its unmatched quality and taste. Every model tells its own story

pH 3,57
Total Acidity 5,36 g/dm3
Reducing Sugars 144,00 g/dm3

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