1949 wine Armagnac Brandy 50cl Delord

Delord Armagnac
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Vintage Armagnac 1949 wine brandy (50cl) and we will add a 70th Birthday gift card, Anniversary card and many more

1949 Armagnac Brandy 50cl, a 70th Birthday gift idea

Tasting notes for the 1949 wine vintage Armagnac

vineyard of 42 hectares, divided into 11 parcels, is located in the village of Lannepax. It is made up of the four traditional Armagnac grape varieties: Ugni Blanc 56%, Colombard 24%, Baco 14% and Folle-Blanche 6%. All year round, Rinaldo, the vineyard manager, takes the greatest of care of the vines throughout their development.

Jacques and Sylvain Delord, the noses of the house, taste, select and blend the eaux-de-vie. Following Prosper, Gaston and Georges, they are responsible for the characteristic quality of the Delord Armagnacs.


Armagnac and the double distillation. Our two Armagnac alambics, one of which is a « Sier » dating from 1900, are both column stills equipped with particular plates called “spider plates which are ideal for the production of old Armagnacs. The two double distillation stills produce fruity eaux-de-vie destined for young Armagnacs.

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