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1979 wine Armagnac brandy Vaghi (50cl)

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Armagnac 1979 wine brandy Vaghi (50cl), a vintage Armagnac brandy 1979 wine

1979 Armagnac brandy wine Vaghi (50cl), a 40th Birthday gift idea

Today, symbol of elegance and the art of entertaining, for the 1979 wine vintage Armagnac Brandy give their generous subtlety and symphony of unique aromas, for rare moments of absolute sensuality and perfect pleasure. Harmonious bottles sealed by hand underline this refined moment of relaxation, signed for the 1979 vintage Vaghi.

Armagnac 1979 wine brandy wine tasting notes

Grape varieties: Ugni-Blanc Baco

Distillation : An Armagnacaise still with a one way distillation
process with an alcohol percentage.

Ageing : Ageing in oak cask and date of bottling written on the back

Alcohol percentage: 40%

Tasting notes: Lovely amber colour.
An intense and extremely perfumed nose.
Plenty of finesse and roundness in the mouth.
Very well balanced with a rich structure of aromatic fruits.
A superb finish, marrying both wisps of wood with a
plethora of fruits.Soil:Tawny sandy soils.

1979 Armagna Brandy wine

Armagnacs Vaghi are the fruit of the impulse and passion which have enlivened the soul of Gascony for centuries; d’Artagnan, the valorous musketeer, being the most emblematic representation of this spirit. Our family vineyards of Ugni Blanc and Baco are exclusively dedicated to producing Bas Armagnac (the most famous region) and we invite you to enter into the heart of this timeless place with Armagnacs Vaghi.