1968 Armagnac Brandy 70cl

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This vintage 1968 Armagnac brandy wine is perfect for a 50th Birthday or a Anniversary gift and is packed in a wooden box, this 50 year old brandy wine is from the area of Bas Armagnac

1968 Armagnac Brandy 70cl, a 50th Birthday gift idea
1968 Armagnac Brandy 70cl, a very rare old brandy wine from the Leopold Carrere Bas-Armagnac area, made from the charentais pot still and is double distilled. It is said that Armagnac is the little brother of Cognac, but it is said Armagnac are not best known but known by the best, vintage 1968 fine brandy from Gascony is from the grape harvested in that year and matured in wooden barrels for many years before bottling, this is an ideal 50th Birthday gift idea or  a Anniversary present

Leopold Carrere 1968 Armagnac Brandy 70cl

Volume 40%

Grapes Harvest on the 1968

Grapes Ugni-blanc, Baco and Colombard

Bottled 2016