Dorsheimer Pittermannchen, riesling Auslese 1992

Dorsheimer Pittermannchen, riesling Auslese 1992

Michael Schafer
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Dorsheimer Pittermannchen, Auslese riesling 1992, this is a 100% Riesling and from the cellar of Michael Schafer

Dorsheimer Pittermannchen, riesling Auslese, selected bunches of grapes from the late harvest

Dorsheimer Pittermannchen, riesling Auslese 1992, Of all the grapes of Germany, the most noble and most important is the Riesling

Dorsheim a village in Nahe region of Germany. It has 60 hectares of vineyards, growing manly Riesling grapes, in the village that have been classified by the VDP as Grosse Lage Pittermännchen.

Auslese meaning specially selected bunches of ripe grapes. Auslese grapes have the potential for more richness and intensity in the grapes.

Tasting Notes
The honey intensity and richness gives a full Auslese style, the after taste has bouquet of apples and pears

We are sorry that Mr Michael Schafer has retired from making quality wine so we have a small number left of quality Schafer wine

Stocked stored in our warehouse in Derbyshire, we deliver to all of the UK

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Bottle 75cl, 8.5% vol, 1992 vintage